About ADHD Coaching with Coach Jane

If you have ADHD and you are reading this, you might be feeling hopeless or bruised by your failures.  You might be wondering, how can coaching help me?  Simply put, Coaching is to people as scaffolding is to a building.  Construction takes time and support, and changing behavior is a very hard difficult task for non ADHD  folks.

The executive function deficits that are at the core of ADHD impair planning, prioritizing, goal setting, task shifting, and emotion regulation to name a few.  How can a person with these deficits expect to change behavior alone?

You need a team, a parallel person who can teach you how to get the most out of your unique brain wiring.  As an ADHD qualified coach, I provide encouragement, recommendations, feedback, and practical techniques (e.g. reminders, questions, calendarmonitoring, continued goals definition, etc.). Strategies are used to address issues ranging from behavior management, family relationships,time management, homework management, and becoming more effective in one’s work, academic, and personal life.

Coaching is a supportive, practical, concrete process in which the coach and client work together to identify and pursue the client’s goals. The primary purpose of ADHD coaching is to help the individual with ADHD develop the structure necessary to function effectively, and to teachpractical approaches to the challenges of daily life.

Email: adhdcoachjane@gmail.com

Phone: 609-731-7556

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