Coaching Specialties

Princyclopedia CHADD tableMy Coaching Practice serves distinct populations:

 Adults with Career, Vocational, Relationship and Lifestyle Challenges and  Students (of all ages) with Academic Challenges.  

1. Adults with Career, Vocational, Relationship, and Lifestyle Challenges

How Can Adults benefit from working with ADHD Coach Jane?                                • Support and Guidance for Job Search
• Overcoming challenging behaviors that interfere with productivity at work and at home
• Identification of Careers that fit with unique strengths
• Creating structure to support goals.
• Greater understanding of ADHD
• Habit and Behavioral Change
• Tools to foster better interpersonal relationships
• Increasing development of accountability and responsibility

2. Students with Academic Challenges.  

How Can Students benefit from working with ADHD Coach Jane?
• Development of better study habits
• Greater understanding of ad/hd
• Increased motivation
• Greater scholastic accomplishment
• Less struggle, with more enjoyment, of the educational experience
• Fuller development of accountability and responsibility

How will Parents benefit from working with ADHD Coach Jane?
• Reduce and/or eliminate the parent – child homework struggles
• Adopt strategies to support your child’s learning and behavioral
differences, along with tools to help bring out the best in your child.
• Partner with ADHD coach Jane on developing organizational systems in
the home and school
• Development and/or enforcement of IEP and 504 accommodations

What can Students accomplish by partnering with ADHD coach Jane?
• Homework completed and handed in on time
• Long term, large projects broken down into smaller interim tasks
• Test taking and study skill development
• Improved organization
• Effective planning and scheduling practices
• Development of proactive behaviors
• Academic and social balance

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