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Coach Jane Runs “Success with ADHD Panel”  - View You Tube Video

Coach Jane Helps Medical Student SucceedADHD Coach Jane Helps Medical Student Succeed

She could not overcome her biggest single ADHD demon: procrastination. Any task produced anxiety, which produced avoidance, which produced paralysis–and the very real possibility of flunking out.

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video game controllerHow to Un-Fry a Video Addict

In today’s households, where video stimulation is rampant, scenes like the following are hardly unusual. A child or teenager gets home from school and sits down to “relax” with a video game, promising that he will start his homework soon. As time marches on and parents see no movement toward homework, they start to nag. Voices get louder, the parents threaten no more computers or videos on school days. . . .

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